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“Everybody wants to get into this workshop! It is the premier workshop.”
— Comment from a representative of the Girl Scouts of Western Ohio on January 15, 2012 during one of the regular fencing workshops Mr. Wright runs for them.

Here are the Girl Scout group’s comments after the event:

Master Wright,

The results are in! Evaluations completed by the girls who attended the 2012 Girl Scouts of Western Ohio Leadership Conference indicate that the girls had a wonderful experience. Some of the comments the girls made about the Fencing 101 workshop are:

  • “This was the coolest workshop of the whole conference!”
  • “I can’t believe I actually learned how to fence!!!”
  • “The instructor was really fun”

Thank you so much for sharing your expertise with the girls. Your part in making this year’s conference such a successful event is so greatly appreciated. We hope that you had as much fun as the girls did. Please extend our thanks to your team as well.

Lori Ross
Program Services Specialist
Girl Scouts of Western Ohio

To Whom It May Concern:

Mr. Ed Wright has asked me to write a letter of recommendation for him. I am very happy to do this. I have known Ed for nearly ten years, having met him as he started to teach my son fencing.  My son has “special needs” and had never been athletic. He couldn’t even catch a ball thrown easily to him. Ed Wright stuck by him and patiently instructed and counseled him all the way up to and including three National Fencing Association national tournaments. I am convinced that no other instructor could have done so well with my son. He has made an incredible difference in my son’s life, engendering self-confidence along with a level of athleticism I would not have thought possible.

Ed Wright has a way with children. He knows how to provide just the right mix of motivation, discipline, and humor in his lessons. This is a very special and rare skill. He does this all the while dealing with and conquering his own set of life struggles.

I know that Ed would be a positive asset to any program. This letter is intended as a strongly positive endorsement of Mr. Ed Wright as an instructor, a coach, and most importantly as a fine human being.

Mark Rinsky, M.D.

Dear Sir or Madam:

I am delighted to provide a letter of recommendation for Edward Wright, fencing master and friend. I met him approximately ten years ago when he began instructing our son in fencing classes and private lessons. Ed is a wonderful teacher, combining discipline, humor, and genuine caring about his students to motivate them to excel. He teaches fencing and life lessons to help them overcome obstacles in their lives. Ed helped our son to see that he could be an athlete when he had never felt that way before.

I strongly recommend Ed Wright for your program. He would be such an asset in helping children to strive to meet their goals.

Mary V. Rinsky, Ph.D.

To Whom It May Concern:

I have known Ed Wright for well over 8 years when our son became one of his fencing students. In those 8 years I’ve witnessed Ed working with fencers from a wide variety of backgrounds and ages with varying levels of ability. Ed is a coach who expects discipline, commitment, effort, and respect. He, in turn, demonstrates that same discipline, commitment, effort, and respect. He is adept at determining exactly what motivates the individual astudent. He is skilled at challenging without frustrating.

Ed is generous with his time and talents. 5 years ago my son and a friend decided their high school (Walnut Hills) would benefit from a school sponsored fencing club. Ed willingly served as their sounding board and, due in large part to his support and encouragement, the club was founded and is still in operation today. In addition, I’m aware that he offers “scholarships” to many students who would otherwise be unable to afford lessons.

Ed’s integrity and sportsmanship make him, in my mind, an excellent role model in an arena that sometimes encourages extreme competition and individual gain. It is my belief that he would be a valuable asset to your organization.

Susan S. Minton

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